Youpi Bot Commands

Youpi Bot Commands


*langue Change the BOT language on the server
*activelevel Activate/Deactivate the level system
*sayactive Activate/Deactivate the possibility of speaking the BOT with a command
*antispam Disable/Enable Anti-Spam Security
*badwords Disable/Enable Anti-Insult Security
*antilink Disable/Enable Anti-Link Security
*setlogs Configure log reception room
*setreport Configure reception room for reports
*setwelcome Configure the welcome lounge
*setwelcometext Configure the welcome message
*welcomelist Menu to better personalize the welcome message
*autorole Configure the automatic message


*botinfo Live BOT information
*serverinfo Live Server Information
*roleinfo Information of a specific role
*avatar Your Avatar
*userinfo Information about you
*stafflist Staff list
*date Current date
*addrole @name Role
Add a Role to a person

Fun and Useful

*poll To create a Survey
*love Know your love with a person
*8ball Ask a question to Youpi Bot
*rps Make a Stone Paper Scissors
*smoke To smoke
*jokes Need a little joke?
*youtube Youtube search
*google Google search
*weather Know the weather at a specific place
*qr Create a QR code
*calculator Calculate
*timer Start a timer
*hello Say hello to someone
*ascii Write in ASCII
*npm Research the NPM library
*1vs1 @name @name Make 1vs1 with your friends
*anime Shingeki no Kyojin Have Statistics on Animes
*meme Make a meme appear
*say Have the BOT say a sentence
*sayadmin Have the BOT say a sentence in Server Staff


*fortnite pc You can see your Fortnite statistics for the last 7 days
*drop You can request a random location on the Fortnite card
*bf4 pc @name BF4 Statistics
*minecraftserver Information on a Minecraft server
*steamstore Search in the Steam store


*profil To see how much Token and level you have
*shop To see the whole Shop
*buy To buy a case


*report @name reason Create a new ticket
*tempmute @name 1m Mute a person for a while
*kick @name reason Kick a person from Discord
*ban @name reason Ban a person from your discord
*warn @name reason Put warnings
*lock Close a room
*lock libre / *lock débloquer Reopen a salon close by Youpi Bot
*clear number Delete messages

Bot Support

*developer Request by message to the developer
*stafflist Youpi Staff
*invite Invite Youpi Bot
*support Support Ticket